Stone Mountain Park


This is what Stone Mountain is famous for. Home to the world's largest relief carving on the world's largest mass of exposed granite, Stone Mountain Park is often referred to as "the Eighth Wonder of the World."  The Memorial Carving depicts three heroes of the Civil War. 
           President  Jefferson Davis, General Robert E. Lee and Lt. General  Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson.  The mountain covers 583 acres. This was our front yard while at Stone Mountain. We stepped out onto the front balcony and was at aw of this breath taking view.


This is one of the several Antebellum homes here at
Stone Mountain. The picture below is the opposite side of this home.


The Antebellum Plantation at Stone Mountain Park is a collection of original buildings, built between 1790 and 1845, that represent a pre-Civil War Georgia plantation.


Here I sit thinking of how grand it must have been to have lived back in the era " of Cavaliers and Cotton Fields called the Old South" Oh how wonderful it must have been!


This is the T.R.R. Cobb House. Located in the Antebellum Plantation area. It is due to be restored to its original luster in the near future.

The T.R.R. Cobb house is architecturally and historically significant
It was the home of T. R. R. Cobb, an influential nineteenth century educator and statesman - an early proponent of women's education and a founder of the Lucy Cobb Institute - Codifier of Georgia's laws - a founder of the University of Georgia School of Law- Confederate General, member of Confederate Congress, and author of the Confederate Constitution. It's  Architecturally unusual design incorporating Greek Revival and Octagon elements - mid-nineteenth century construction- wood frame, two-story structure- approximately 6000 square feet & approximately 80 feet wide and 78 feet deep. 


This house is very special to Stone Mountain. Butterfly McQueen was once employed by Stone Mountain and was allowed to live in this house at the "Antebellum Plantations" while she worked here. She was often seen here hanging her clothes out to dry and just being the dear, sweet person she was known to be. Her memories will live here for ever.


Stone Mountain Park has there very own lake that almost surrounds the mountain. One of the attractions is this river boat named "The Scarlett O'Hara. You can actually take a ride on this boat, which is a must for every Windie.



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