Talaxe Vasquez-Lawson

Born and raised in Georgia, moonlight and magnolias have long since been a big part of my life......not to mention, Gone With The Wind.  Some of my earliest memories include our family crowding around the television each year when Gone With The Wind would air.  In the early years, my favorite scenes included Bonnie and her kitten, however, as time passed I began to fall in love with Scarlett's character and wished I could jump into the television screen and have Mammy help me put on that BBQ dress! It is not hard to see why I am so grateful to portray Scarlett O'Hara.  It truly is a dream come true.  I love to bring a little bit of our Southern hospitality to people all over the world.

Talaxe in her Garnet Gown

Talaxe in her 12 Oaks BBQ dress

Talaxe in her Ruffle Prayer gown

Talaxe in her Drapery Dress

Talaxe in her Home to Tara dress and her mom.


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