Reproduction Scarlett Gowns

Here are pictures submitted to Scarlett OnLine of viewers and their Scarlett O'Hara dresses.
If you would like to add your gown here please send them to  and
we will gladly add them to this gallery.

Francine Francis wearing her Garnet Gown
the Green Jacquard Christmas Gown

Francine Francis wearing her velvet Portrait Gown
and her Ruffled Prayer Gown

This is me :) "Dee Nevill" The picture to the left is my new BBQ Gown the picture on the
right is my former gown.

This is my Ruffled Prayer Gown/ Tara dress; also know as the opening scene dress.

This is me:) wearing my reproduction of Scarlett's garnet gown / Birthday Party dress.

This is my blue velvet portrait gown and my daughter Savannah
in her baby bbq dress.

My daughter Amanda wearing reproductions of Scarlett O'Hara's BBQ Twelve Oaks Party dress and her Ruffled Prayer gown / Tara dress.

Marci one of my dearest "Windie" friends wearing her ruffle prayer gown..

Marci in her Scarlett O'Hara reproduction 12-oaks BBQ gown.

Nikki wearing her portrait gown

Nikki wearing her Drapery dress

Melissa wearing her bbq wedding dress

Melissa in her BBQ reproduction gown

Alexandra in her BBQ at 12 Oaks Dress

Alexandra in her BBQ at 12 Oaks Dress

Faith in the ruffled prayer dress


Joy and Sarah both wearing their BBQ party dresses.

Jennifer Love Hewitt wearing her BBQ dress

Dan and Linda at the Tara in Texas event. Linda wearing her BBQ party dress.

Allison Stann wearing her red velvet party gown.



The above five images are from the 1989 search for Scarlett contest. These were the
top five Scarlett and Rhett couples. To view many more images from the search
for Scarlett event please visit

I still have many more images to add to this page. I am still working on getting the images
up here. Please check back often.

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