Melly Meadows

A native of Clayton County, Georgia, Melly is well known as a professional actress and for her work as an international spokesperson in the role of Scarlett O'Hara. She has served as the official spokesperson for companies including Coca-Cola, MGM/UA Home Video, Daimler Benz and Clayton County. She has appeared on the covers of The Wall Street Journal, Air Canada's EnRoute, and USA Today's lifestyle section. Feature stories have been written about Melly worldwide and have appeared in publications including: People Magazine, Elle, The London Times, and Cosmopolitan. Her training in ballet and acting is extensive and she has been a guest on numerous shows including The Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, and CNN.




Melly in her BBQ party gown

Melly in her Ruffle Dress

Melly wearing several other Scarlett costumes like the drapery dress. red robe, mill gown
and the velvet portrait gown.

Melly in her Scarlett Red Dress


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