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Franklin Mint Scarlett O'Hara Portrait Doll
wearing blue velvet gown

For sale- Franklin Mint "Scarlett's Portrait" doll. Brand new- never taken out of the box. Complete with COA, decorative pillar, and copy of portrait as seen in the movie.
$525 (inc. s&h)
Seller can accept Pay Pal.

Franklin Mint Scarlett porcelain doll in Ruby Red dress.  She is in mint condition. She stands around 22" tall. Anyone can contact me at debie710@yahoo.com.  The asking price is $150.00

Franklin Mint Scarlett porcelain doll in the Wedding Dress. She is in mint condition and the asking price is $150.00. She stands 22"tall. My contact is debie710@yahoo.com

Franklin Mint Scarlett porcelain doll wearing her honeymoon dress. She is in mint condition and the asking price is $150.00.  She stands around 22" tall. My contact is debie710@yahoo.com

Franklin Mint Scarlett porcelain doll in the green drapery dress.  She is in mint condition and I am asking $150.00.  She stands22" tall. My contact is debie710@yahoo.com

Franklin Mint Scarlett porcelain doll.  She is wearing a light green barbeque dress and comes with a hat and shawl.  She is in mint condition and stands around 19" tall.  I am asking $100.00. My contact is debie710@yahoo.com

Franklin Mint Rhett Butler porcelain doll.  He is in mint condition and stands around 19" tall. I am asking $100.  If someone wants to buy both the Rhett and Scarlett together I will sell for $165.00.  My contact is debie710@yahoo.com

MADAME ALEXANDER Scarlett O'Hara Bride doll, 21" tall, from 1990. 
In like new condition, never played with or handled by children. 
The doll is in its original, undamaged box. $250.00 Free S&H in USA

Gone With the Wind Tara afghan HTF retired $119.00 plus S&H

GWTW Collectibles for sale privet collector

I have two Hawthorn Sculptures I am interested in selling.
One is a hand-painted depiction of the Plantation home of Ashley Wilkes and is titled "Twelve Oaks...The Romance Begins." I do not have the box or COA so I would only ask for $30 + S&H
The other is of the plantation home of Scarlett and is titled "Tara...Scarlett's Pride" I have the original box it came in but not the COA. $35 + S&H
I have attached pictures of the two sculptures but it is hard to see all of the intricate details in them.

I also have three Knowles plates from the "Gone with The Wind" Collection All three are in box with COA

Rare- 1978 Scarlett- First issue in the Gone with the Wind Collection $100 + S&H

1984 Scarlett's Green Dress- Seventh issue in the Gone with the Wind Collection $50 + S&H

1986 Scarlett And Rhett: The Finale- Ninth issue in the Gone with the Wind Collection $50 + S&H

Please have anyone who is interested contact me at robinblair7@hotmail.com

AVON SCARLETT & RHETT porcelain figurines. Produced by AVON in the mid 1980's they have no chips, cracks, repairs. gwtw4ever2@earthlink.net
Prices: Scarlett alone......$15.00
Rhett alone........$20.00
BOTH figurines together..$30.00
 plus  insured S/H.

1940 LUX BROOCH replica of Scarlett's cameo brooch worn with the green Christmas dress. 
Originally a premium for 3 soap wrappers.  $55.00 plus S/H/I.

"SCARLETT IN CRINOLINE" Limoges plate; 1976. Mint condition.
Includes Xerox of original information folder on this plate. $20.00 . Plus insured S/H.

Franklin Mint Rhett Butler's wardrobe trunk $125.00 plus S&H
Vinyl Rhett Butler doll outfits $50.00 each plus S&H vinyl Rhett doll not included.

LIFE magazine : September 1991 with cover story on the sequal "SCARLETT"
$5.00 plus S/H.


"WINDS OF TARA": the unauthorized sequel to Margaret Mitchell 's
"Gone With the Wind" By Kate Pinotti
.  $450.00 PLUS insured S/H.

First paperback edition: December 1939 with multiple full color photographs, 
excellent condition: $25.00 

Scarlett running in front of Tara Afghan. This is retired and a HTF item now
$119.00 plus S&H 

This is the HTF sought after Paris hat afghan. This afghan has long been out of
production and is getting harder to locate one. The afghan is $150.00 plus S&H.

For the above items starting with the Scarlett and Rhett Avon figurines down to the Paris hat afghan
please contact this seller directly at gwtw4ever2@earthlink.net
They can take paypal.

This is a private collection of over 20 years of GWTW collectibles. This will be sold as one complete lot, owner will NOT break up and sell individual items separately. There are over 350 items including plates, dolls, books, figurines, music boxes, portraits and much more!

This collection includes a 1936 edition of the book in good condition and 1938 edition of the book with a poor binding.

Shown are a couple of pictures of larger sections of the collection. PLEASE NOTE THAT NONE OF THE FURNITURE AND DISPLAY CASES SHOWN IS INCLUDED IN THIS OFFER!

SERIOUS inquiries ONLY!! you must have/prove certified funds to purchase this collection. This will not be packed and moved by the owner, purchaser must make arrangements to move it. Collection is also being offered to museums so please offer accordingly.

Individual Pictures of most items have been taken and documented along with Bradford Exchange numbers. If you wish to view pictures and are serious about bidding please E-mail cncgross@yahoo.com

Scarlett Dolls
~Custom dolls by Shannon Clark~

This is the very hard to find Franklin Mint porcelain Scarlett portrait doll
wearing the royal blue velvet gown. She is mint in her box with shawl
pillar and matted picture from the original that hung in Rhett Butler's
We can take Pay-Pal if needed.


Scarlett's ruffled prayer gown made by Gwtw4ever
 please contact this seller about this gown

Replica custom made straw Scarlett O'Hara BBQ hat
Please contact this seller directly at

I have a large collection of GWTW items that I am having to sell.  We are down sizing our home and I will not have room for the them any longer.  I would like for someone that can appreciate and enjoy the items to get them.  I am listing some of the items and their descriptions along with pricing if you could help me with this matter.  I have never sold anything online before but I figured a yard sale would not do justice to these items.  I would appreciate any advice or help that you can offer. 
If you would like pictures or other information, please feel free to contact me at rtsprad2@aol.com
If you have any questions or need more info please e-mail This Seller directly at rtsprad2@aol.com.
Thanks,  Tammie Spradlin
1. Bradford Exchange Reflections of Scarlett Collection Plates - All 12 plates with COA's in original foam.
$480.00 for the entire set.SOLD
2.  Bradford Exchange The Costuming of a Legend: Dressing Gone With The Wind Collection Plates - All 10 plates all in foam except #1 The Red Dress and with COA's on all but #3 the Green Sprigged Dress $600.00 for the entire set.
3.  Bradford Edition The Legendary Costumes of Scarlett O'Hara Ornament Collection still in foam with COA's on all set #1- #8.  Never been displayed.  $480.00 for the entire set.
4.  Poster Scene Afghan 46" x 67" still in original bag.  $150.00
5. Gone With the Wind Game - The Game plays 8 different games.  Has been opened but all cards are still in plastic.  $70.00
6.  1994 Hollywood Legends Collection Barbie Scarlett in BBQ dress mint in box never removed.  $85.00
7.  Romance of Tara trinket box by Franklin Mint made of porcelain and accented with 24 karat gold.  COA with box.  $80.00
8. Franklin Mint Scarlett O'Hara bbq dress teapot
9.  The Scarlett O'Hara Portrait Bell by Franklin Mint in curtain dress rimmed with 24 karat gold.  COA and box.  $100.00
10.  Romance at Tara Egg by Franklin Mint.  Hand painted with 24 karat accents.  COA and Box $150.00
11.  A night of passion /night of romance by Franklin Mint Hand painted with 24 karat accents.  COA and box.  $200.00
12.  Collector Eggs by Franklin Mint.  Porcelain eggs set on a sculptured base.  6 Eggs with COA's on all but Scarlett's Plan in foam.  $450.00 for the set.
13.  Scarlett's Portrait Doll by Franklin Mint.  COA in original box.  Porcelain depicting Scarlett as seen in the portrait hanging in Rhett's bedroom.  SOLD
14.  Portrait Sculpture Collection by Franklin Mint.  All 15 miniatures  of characters from the movie in boxes.  $750.00 for the set.
15.  Domes by Franklin Mint.  All 12 domes with figurines inside of of vaious characters in the movie.  Each one is hand painted cold cast porcelain covered with a dome and set on a painted cold cast base.  Ashley, Belle, Mammy, Rhett, Aunt Pitty Pat, Prissy and six of Scarlett.  Boxes on all with COA's on all but Scarlett's Deception and Prissy. $970.00 for the set.
16. GWTW a legend in stained glass.  I have plate #1 Scarlett Radiance for $95.00 , plate #2 Rhett's Bright Promise $95.00 and plate #3 Ashley's smoldering fire for $95.00 .  All of these are mint in box with COA's. They are made of stained glass with pewter accents.
18.  Tara the only thing worth fighting for houses and out buildings: Springhouse and hideaway no box with COA $65.00, Tara stable box and COA $65.00, Carriage house box and COA $65.00, Kitchen box and COA $65.00, Gateway box and Coa $65.00, Flint River Mill Box and COA $65.00 
19.  GWTW Screen Scene Collection plate - Charity Ball $60.00.  This is the curved type with COA and box.
20.  Romance of Tara musical globe by Franklin Mint.  Crafted from porcelain covered with a crystal clear dome set onto a wooden base.  No COA or Box for this item.  $100.00
21.  The Spirit of Tara musical globe by Franklin Mint.  Depicts Scarlett and her father walking in front of Tara.  Porcelain with crysatl globe on a wooden base and plays Oh My Papa.  COA and Box $200.00
22.  Scarlett & Rhett's First Dance is the same as #4 and #5 but it plays Ring, Ring de Banjo. COA and Box $200.00
23.  Romance at Twelve Oaks same as #4, 5, and 6 but I do not have the box.  I do have the COA. $150.00
24.  Music Boxes by Ardleigh Elliott: Scarlett at Twelve Oaks plays Tara's Theme COA , The Charity Bazaar plays The Ball COA, The Burning of Atlanta plays Fall of the South COA, The Proposal plays Scarlett O'Hara COA, Scarlett and Rhett plays variation on Tara's Theme COA, Scarlett's Resolve plays For He's a Jolly Good Fellow COA.  Each one is priced at $60.00.
25.  Lighted Ornament Collection by Hawthorne.  Set of Tara and Atlanta Church in Box and Set of Twelve Oaks and Kennedy Store in box.  Each set is $60.00. 
If you would like pictures or other information, please feel free to contact me at rtsprad2@aol.com
If you have any questions or need more info please e-mail me at rtsprad2@aol.com.
Thanks,  Tammie Spradlin

For Sale

This is the Mark's collection rare HTF Moonlight & Magnolias
afghan. There were not allot of these made do to licensing issues with Turner.
This afghan will come with a COA. It was displayed for a short time in my GWTW room.
The afghan is $225.00 plus S&H .We can accept Pay Pal if needed.

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