Movie Clips and Music video's

     Gone with the Wind movie trailer                                                                      GWTW Opening Credits

Tara's theme to film clips                                                                       Arriving at the BBQ

Library Scene                                                                                       Atlanta Bazaar

The Paris Hat scene                                                                               Leaving Atlanta Part 1

Leaving Atlanta Part 2                                                                                  As God as my Witness

Yankee Soldier                                                                                The drapery dress / jail scene

Rhett proposes to Scarlett                                                                               Bonnie is born

Drunk Rhett Butler                                                                                Going to London

Bonnie's death                                                                                            Frankly my dear

Gone with the Wind world premier

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Music Video's and Parody's
 I love these :)

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The video's on Scarlett OnLine are from . Find many more great Gone with the Wind videos there.