13. Do you know anything about a sequel called "My Beloved Tara"?

Here is a reposting of a synopsis of the unauthorized GWTW sequel called "My Beloved Tara."

This is a synopsis of "My Beloved Tara," a sequel to "Gone With The Wind" written and privately published in 1996 by Jocelyn Mims and Melanie Pearson. I've read this book only once, and perused it again to get this highlights for this synopsis. I'm sure that I've overlooked some juicy details. Here goes:

Despite its title, "My Beloved Tara" spends most of the time away from Scarlett's beloved home.

The story opens just as GWTW ends with Rhett saying "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." He leaves and goes to Belle's for the night before heading off to Charleston to spend time with his mother. During this time, Rhett meets Callie Johnson, the young daughter of a local landowner. She falls in love with him and they have an affair. During this time, Rhett's mother falls ill and dies. So Rhett moves on, returning to Atlanta. This part of the story runs 58 pages, with nary a mention of Scarlett.

Now the authors spend 5 pages catching us up on what Scarlett's been doing during this same period. Scarlett has returned to Tara, where Mammy, Prissy, Sullen, Careen, and the crew are caring for the plantation. Ashley pays Scarlett a visit, wondering why she wasn't at Melanie's funeral. She says it's because she felt that she had betrayed Melanie. Anyways, Scarlett has realized that she really loves Rhett, not Ashley, and moves on with her life. She has a relationship with Thomas Barkley, who loves Scarlett. Unfortunately, he is killed tragically. And Scarlett spends time with relatives on St. Simon's Island off the coast of Savannah for a summer before returning to Tara.

Now, back to Rhett, who finds that Scarlett has their Atlanta house up for sale. He heads west to Texas for some drinking and gambling and ends up owning a ranch. Somehow during this time he ends up in jail for something he didn't do and without anyone to bail him out, so he's there for a while. Finally Belle shows up and bails him out. He decides to give the ranch away, and goes home to Scarlett at Tara. This section covering Rhett's adventures runs about 65 pages. No word on Scarlett...

Well, Rhett and Scarlett reconcile and share the happenings of the last five years with each other. And they settle down, having two children: a daughter named Melanie Wilkes Butler and a son named Ashley O'Hara Butler. Time whizzes by until some 13 years later when we are introduced to Callie Johnson's daughter, Victoria Marie. She arrives with the sad news that her mother has died, and the revelation that she is Rhett's daughter! That doesn't seem to faze Scarlett and they take her into their family. This section runs about 18 pages.

The last twenty pages of so run roughshod through the next generation of Butlers. Both children marry and have children. Daughter Melanie with two children named Ellen and Gerald finds that her husband Jeremiah Thompson is a wife beater. He nearly kills her, but she does recover and goes away to live with Callie back near Charleston. Melanie eventually remarries. Son Ashley has two children, Elizabeth and Will, by Laura Jackson. Will dies after being bit by a rattlesnake. Laura feels so guilty about not taking better care of her children that she kills herself. Rhett wants to take Scarlett to New Orleans, but she doesn't feel up to it. He leaves, but before he can get out of Atlanta, he is robbed. Hit on the head, he wakes up not knowing who he is and without money. He wanders the street for weeks, before recalling Scarlett and heading home where he promises never to leave her again. The book ends with Scarlett's famous quote "I'll think about that tomorrow."

Needless to say, this sequel is really a story about Rhett. It's very cliché and unimaginative. The timeline is very uneven. It doesn't even come close to doing justice to GWTW. The only positive is that Scarlett and Rhett remained in the United States.

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