The costumes from Gone With the Wind have to be what I adore the most. From the first time  I watched Gone With the Wind and saw Scarlett O'Hara in the Twelve Oaks BBQ dress I  was hooked. I wanted one so badly, my mother and I searched for several years trying to find the perfect print fabric for the gown. It was not till the late 1990's that a reproduction green sprigged fabric became available for the dress. The BBQ dress has remained my favorite to this day even though I now have seven Scarlett O'Hara reproduction gowns in my collection with hopes of maybe doing others. Having one of these gowns recreated for you is so special but please if your considering having one of them made for you , check out the seamstress and ask to see good examples of "her" work not pictures of Vivien Leigh wearing hers. I actually have had 2 BBQ dresses made for me. Both gowns were made from the replica fabric but sadly the first gown was a disaster and cost thousands. My current seamstress has to date made all of my current reproduction dresses, underpinnings and hats. If you are interested in having one made by her please visit her  website at Her work is often tried to be copied but it is never duplicated. She is simply the best.......  ~Dee~
*We are doing another gown, can you guess which one?* LOL We are now working on the green Christmas dress and train station jacket.
 We have purchased the materials for the Shanty Town dress so look for it next year. Also we are planning Belles fur trimmed red velvet visiting the jail jacket, skirt and hat..

Scarlett's BBQ Dress

This is me wearing my BBQ reproduction dress.

Scarlett's Ruffled Prayer Dress


My daughter Amanda wearing the ruffle / prayer
dress and the 12 Oaks BBQ gown.

Scarlett's garnet velvet ball gown


My reproduction of Scarlett's gown worn to Ashley's party.

Scarlett's Blue Portrait Gown

My portrait reproduction gown.

Red & White Christmas Dress &
The nice Calico dress

Distressed calico
as seen in the pulling down the drapes scene.

The Calico gown is shown in various looks as seen in the film.

~Velvet Mourning Gown~

This gown was worn when Melly dies also the Frankly my Dear scenes.

~Blue Velvet Mill Jacket~


~Ashton's dress from the North & South miniseries~


~Madeline's dress from the North & South miniseries~

~Under Garments~

I have had many questions as to what my underpinnings are with the various gowns. Since my gowns are different
some of them require different slips and hoop slips of different sizes. Below are pictures of my undergarments
and which gowns they are worn under.

To start with you always need your camisole and pantalets. Your corset is optional. I have
two different camisoles the one pictured above has a wide neckline and can be worn under
gowns such as the calico's and the red and white Christmas gown. I have another one that
has very skinny shoulders on it for gowns such as the bbq dress and portrait gown. It is
pictured below.

Slips and Hoop slips

Above is a modesty slip and bustle pad. I wear this undergarment set under
the red garnet gown and also will under the mourning gown when it is completed.
All the gowns require the bustle pad to help support the large amounts of fabrics
and the heavy hoop slips.

Both of the above hoop slips above are made with re-enforced steel boning and have a bottom
circumference measurements of 191-192 inches. These hoops are constructed the same other than
the pink trim hoop slip has an attached tulle layer on it. These are massive hoops and were made
to be worn under the BBQ dress , Ruffle dress Christmas dress, portrait gown etc. Below is a
example of my ruffled petticoat which was made to wear over these massive hoops. Also my one
ruffled slip. I wear the seven row ruffled slip under the BBQ dress and the one row ruffle slip under the
other larger hoop gowns.

Below is a example of my smaller hoop that is worn under the calico dress ( hospital scene )
in GWTW and under both North and South gowns. This hoop is made with the standard hoop
boning and measures 175 inches in circumference at the bottom. It also has a built in over slip
to help eliminate bulk at that waist.


Amanda and Dee with Angel kitty.

Dee and Savannah


Natalee "Nat the Cat" in kitty BBQ


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